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Devil-ish Etc.

Good morning, UAMA! I'm feeling a little devilish. Waaahahaaaaaah! Well, I'm dressed as a devil at least. I'm wearing horns, clothes of red and black and I come bearing a pitch fork!

Surrounding me are Michael Jackson, a green-faced witch with a great cackle, an active citizen, a teacher with a big fat fake fro, an Asst. Principal who scarily represents Sarah Palin, a math teach who is rockin' Napoleon Dynamite, lots of Gothic kitty cats, a Gothic zombie, vampires, some Beyonce-like dancers, a decadent 1700s queen, a 1980's Flash dancer, and at least one cute little angel. I'm sure there are are more great costumes I haven't yet seen. I can't wait!

Happy Halloween--2 days early!

And hugs to Ms. B whose glorious photo greets you above. Best part is that she cackled all day and used witchy voice...sometimes with serious intent. Hahahaha. So great.


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