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Husky Voice

So I'm not really sure what to blog here. I was told all day Thursday that I had a deep, sexy, husky voice by multiple people. LOL I thought I was getting sick, but I also hoped it was from yelling too much. It's not in my nature to be a yeller, but I've lost the ability to deal with my lovely, enthusiastic, talkative students at times without a serious raising of my voice. And I really can't do it. Project my voice, that I can do, make it carry. But talk over everyone, that's harder.

I used to work at a museum and lead tours and I was always on the verge of losing my voice at the end of the day. I was hope hope hoping that was the case with my recent vocal strain, but it fully appears not to be. My glands are the size of golf balls and by today (Sunday) the sexy, husky voice has waned into a goofy growl and I can't even giggle without coughing. My roommate is mocking me too. She keeps doing this sing-song version of "Well, you know, Airborne was created by a teeeeeaaaaaachhhhher." I'm taking my vitamins, I'm sleeping 14 hours a day and I'm pretty sure I sound like a tranny who smokes 2 packs a day. If only I would don a Tina Turner wig...I think I could pull off this voice.


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