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Brunch is Lovely

Today was fabulous. The weather was gorgeous. Gorgeous. Did I say gorgeous? It was absolutely beautiful. Just the right temperature, a nice, soft breeze, and plenty of warm sunlight. A bunch of my lovely friends joined me for brunch on my patio and it was divine in the way that only a special crew of people paired with a spread of food can be. All I need to be truly happy is good food and conversation with loved ones. And there's something extra special about brunch--that rare mid-day meal--that makes it sweet. We had pancakes with blueberries and M&Ms mixed in, muffins, tempeh, brie and french bread, sweet potatoes, strawberries, a freshly cut pineapple, red grapes, a green salad, orange juice, and french pressed coffee all served on my special new, melmac dishes.

Sitting on the patio sipping coffee with my friends (most of them teachers) was quite a treat and rejuvenated me. I think the best part was watching how much my friends who hadn't met each other before ended up liking each other and finding things to talk about without any facilitation on my part. They were mostly teachers (or people used to being stuck in a group of teachers) so finding common ground was pretty easy.

Anyway, so keeping to the theme of this learning blog, I've been thinking a lot about what rejuvenates me and makes me happy. I feel like I'm slowly learning the appropriate ratio of social and alone time for me. Pretty sure I'm going to keep learning that one, because sometimes I isolate and sometimes I let myself get drained by attending too many social events. Ahhh, BALANCE. I think I found you at least for today. Off to dissertation writing...I actually want to write right now. Also, I'm finding that this little bit of personal writing I'm doing on my blog is really good at getting my fingers moving. And now I need to keep these fingers writing on into my schoolwork. Wish me writing luck, dear blog.


At 8:20 PM, Blogger chantthis said...

I wish you immense writing 'luck'...


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