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Woot! Woot! Digital Media Club

A lesson on de-centering the classroom. In other words, a lesson on letting my students take over!

The brain has been stormed. The picture says it all. Thank you to the 5 wonderful seniors who LED the digital media club today. I was called away to a meeting and my fabulous 12th graders took the charge and led the group--the first meeting of the group. And you did a better job than I could have imagined. You all absolutely rocked the house and brought an awesome experience to the 9th graders. Can someone say MENTORING? I can't wait to see the awesome films we make together this year. This is such an awesome storm of the brain! ;)

The hand-written notes I was handed after club offer the following ideas for our year: silent movies, skateboarding, video yearbook, underwater movies (really?! hmmm, sad I missed that conversation), open, stand up comedy, skits/acting, modeling, horror, fashion, dancing, true life, imitation, music videos, remakes, documentaries, trips, movies based on books, musicals, series, broadcasting, video time capsule, circle circle dot dot (again, huh?). Anyway, this sounds 'mad' fun.

Next up, planning a Halloween Ball! Films and parties brought to you by the 9th/12th grade digital media club made up of folks with the following aspirations: actress/dancer, music-video producer/lawyer, singer/dancer, model/dancehall queen, photographic journalist, pediatrician, pharmacist, singer/dancer/songwriter/producer/entrepreneur, dunno/actress.


Ms. DJ (the ecstatic 'teacher')


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