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Go 9th Grade/12th Grade Film Club!

Rain, Rain, Go Away. Come again, just not on a filmy day! So sad that it's raining because my club is starting today!. Nonetheless, I'm happy that everyone is so mellow in the school today and I think the rain has helped chill us all out. Senior breakfast was sooo nice, even if there weren't that many people there. I enjoyed hanging out with my "darlings" this morning and eating bagels, cream cheese and banana bread. Thanks Chelsea and Cadet (chef extraordinaire) for fattening me up!

So anyway I thought I should blog about this rockin' Digital Media Club I'm starting today. I invited every senior I saw today at the breakfast to join my club. Ahem, 1:30pm on Fridays, 2:30pm on Tuesdays. (Talk to me if you can't meet this time, but still want to learn tech stuff, especially editing with iMovie or FinalCut Pro.) Today I learned that a couple of our quieter seniors are AWESOME with the technology, especially the photography element. I found two, who shall remain nameless, who are awesome awesome of them (the quietest!) climbed up on the table at breakfast and started snapping awesome yearbook shots. Hmmm. Talented, talented UAMA students. I adore you.


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