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Writing is Hard Work

Yes, writing is hard work, but somehow blogging doesn't really feel like hard work. Right now, I'm starving. I had a reasonable breakfast and only popcorn for lunch. (Yes, the food stash in my desk is running a little low.) After school and a cinnamon snack (thanks Tyrell for the McD's run), I went and had an hour long salsa class where I burned a lot of calories (and oddly, learned some hip hop dance moves too!). My point: I'm starving, one of my favorite shows is on television, and I'm blogging, for no apparent reason, other than that it feels good to get my thoughts out. It's become part of my process of unwinding. Imagine: writing helps me unwind. Uncanny.

I'm starting to love blogging, for the first time. I think part of what I like is that I feel like I've become a part of a blogging/writing community with my students. I like that I have an audience...I'm so vain, I know. Yet I deeply believe that "all writers need readers." (Yes dear students, that's why I ALWAYS require a peer review.) Most importantly though, when I write in my blog, somehow it now feels productive. I like letting my students (and whoever else cares to read this) know what I'm thinking about teaching and learning. It feels productive. I hope that this blog I'm writing might open up some conversations that otherwise might not have happened. But that's not the only reason. The truth is that I just like writing. I like having my fingers on the keyboard and, for once, being able to write about whatever I want to write about. Writing what I want and only what I want is so not often the case.

I'm now off to writing my dissertation...which may be what I was procrastinating after all. No more pontificating on the value, productivity, and fun of blogging for me. Work time. Peace.


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