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I have been really anxious for the last few days about the election. I've been feeling frustrated about the status of my absentee ballot. Feeling disenfranchised. Feeling foolish. Feeling like I wish there was more I could do...not just vote, but get voters out. My tiny little donation to MoveOn, just doesn't feel like enough.

But, alas, this morning when I woke up, the metaphorical birds were singing and I felt overjoyed. I was quite simply happy. And certainly for no other reason than that today is election day. I somehow have a good feeling. I have HOPE, which is something I don't have all that often in terms of the political process. Happy happy happy, joy joy joy. I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I was walking down the street humming "I've got sunshi-i-ine on a cloudy day...when it's cold outside."

Then, when I stopped for a cup of coffee, the attendant and I were smiling, laughing and chit-chatting about how excited we were about Obama and just how hopeful we were. My coffee tasted extra good.

Peace & Hope, DJ


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