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Writing Centers...ahem, Studios!

Just wanted to put a little shout out to the Writing Center crew on here. I have recently been reconnecting to one of my favorite groups of people...those writerly writing center people. They're my favorite sort of folk because, as a group, they manage to do smart, sophisticated scholarly things AND stay grounded in day-to-day realities. Praxis. Yep, I see 'em gettin' it. A new blog called AntiRacist Writing Centers has been added to my blog roll and seems like it's gonna be pretty rad. It was just one of the products of a recent trip to Vegas for the joint International Writing Center/National Peer Tutoring of Writing Conference. Good stuff.

The conference theme was "new directions." What struck me with the metaphor was that no matter how many times you turn, you still pretty much keep going forward (with the occasional backing up, of course). In my life that means that I'm continuing this writing center/peer education work in a new context. Teaching high school English doesn't keep me busy I thought I'd work on opening a Writing Studio in my school. So excited about that and so excited by our budding collaboration with the FIT Writing Studio. I'm pretty sure Brian nor I knew we'd end up at art and design schools. Well, maybe he did.

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