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Words on Blogging

Hey there ducklings,

I guess I like to post when I'm happy though I'm a bit ashamed of my absence in the blogosphere. A student texted this message yesterday:

Heyy Ms D...iits [name]..How was ure weekend?..ii wanted to ask u..are we still doing blogs..bcuz no one are doin them.and iim not either && ii dont wanna faiil ure class..

My response:

LOL. We'll talk about them tomorrow. I know folks are blogging. Me either. ;) we'll keep blogging but maybe in a different way. Xoxo

Of course, she expressed relief though I felt a pang of guilt both for not blogging personally and for not talking about blogs in class for the last few weeks. Our blogs have been on my mind. I've been reading and commenting on them (and noticing that the number of posts has been dwindling). I've also thinking about how writing needs a "purpose" and blogs are no different. This is part of why I've held my tongue and the state of our blogosphere. The writing we do on here has to be valuable in some way...or else why do it? For the first semester, I believed that "blogging as flexing our writing muscles" was enough. I think the workout metaphor is valid, but I no longer think it's "enough."

Now I'm off to binge blogging because I have so much to say.



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