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Blogging about Blogging (Metablogging?)

Just bumped into Torill Morensen's definition of blogging and think it's pretty rad:

A true-born child of the computer medium, the weblog may have its roots in the research journal, the ship’s log, the private diary and the newspapers, all at the same time. But like a mongrel hunting the dark alleys of the digital city, the weblog is nothing if not adaptive and unique at the same time. No fancy thoroughbred this ... but a bastard child of all personal writing, breeding wildly as it meets others of its ilk online.

It's from A Handbook of New Literacies Research , just thought I'd share. I mean, I like to think of my ramblings on here as if I am a ship captain: Ahoy Maties, today the sea was rough. Outran a pirate ship in the wee hours of the morning out of sheer wit and determination. (to be continued...)


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