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So apparently I lied. My students and I are not talking about blogs and how to somehow imbue them with more meaning on this happy happy Monday because it is a SNOW DAY. I wished and hoped and (along with students and colleagues across this city) willed the snow goddesses to give us a snow day. We got it. And I'm soooo happy. I made myself stay up this morning after a lovely student's text message woke me up to confirm that there was, in fact, "no school." Text message confirmation. Gmail chat exclamations with colleagues digitally confirming, cheering and celebrating. Fabulous. The NYC DOE actually canceled school. Unbelievably cool.

So what am I doing with the day? Well, even though a colleague extolled us on Facebook to "hit the park, hit the slopes, hit the bed..." I've been fighting sleep like nobody's business. If only I can deny the carnal urge to sleep on this blessed day, I, my dear friends, have a dissertation to write! And so far, I'm winning the battle against the bed, though I must confess the carrot for my writing work: a morning nap.



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