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So I've been away from the blogosphere for a little while. I've been distracted. ;) Thought I'd give an update about what I'm excited about for my semester. Reading old stuff, communication stuff, social justice stuff. And getting to talk about that stuff in small classes with engaged peers. It's really a luxury to have space set aside solely for the purpose of engaging in critical inquiry with others. Just as exciting is the stuff I get to do. Going to be spear-heading the cd-making of the oral storytelling project with the incarcerated youth. It's funny, I know nothing about audio editing but that's what I get to learn (among other things). This project is primarily a writing and publication one; it's funny that I'll be more invested in non-writing parts of the project given that that's the thing I'm supposed to know about. But I like the irony.

Ooooh, and wanted to post this link for you, my 2 faithful readers. Here's where Matt now spends his days. He's going to India in November. So jealous.


At 11:54 PM, Blogger lmv said...

so excited to have you as part of the project - irony and all! :)


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