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Can't Keep Up!

I'm getting this overwhelming sense that I just can't through all of this social networking stuff fast enough for my research to matter. (I could deconstruct "matter" for several paragraphs but I'll spare you.) Anyway, AyAyAy! I keep finding new stuff--great for my creative juices but stinky for focusing research (whatever that means).

Anyway, before I deconstruct it, check out what I found: IMVU: "the world's greatest instant messanger" supposedly. I wouldn't know, haven't played on it yet but thought I'd share. If it's anything like "the world's greatest cheesecake" you find anyplace that serves cheesecake in NYC, we'll be disappointed. Still...if anyone has insight on this site (I'm rhyming, sorry), please do share.

Also DrJoolz has me laughing wildly and knowingly in her \recent post. Ahh, research, projects, research projects.


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