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Oaxaca Teachers Strike Protests

My friend Payal sent these out about the Oaxaca Teachers Strike:

Payal's 1st Blog of Oaxaca Protests

And Her 2nd Blog about it

Here's why she started the blogs:

Hi guys, am in Oaxaca, Mexico right now and have found myself in the midst of the teachers strike which is barely covered by the news. So check this out and let me know if any of you have experience/ knowledge of Oaxaca that could lend some light to these recent political events.

I'll try to find news on this later and post it, but, of course, the shortage of news is an issue itself!

Here's a good read for the "news" of it. And more and morenews. And a couple of short videoclips on YouTube from other tourists trying to document this mess a couple of weeks ago and now.

Why are societies just so darn mean to their teachers? Who would want to be a teacher? (she asks herself!)


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