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Applause x 2

Today I had two great experiences involving youth and storytelling. And I had the pleasure of clapping 'til my palms hurt! Alongside those who were cheering and hollering louder than my little hands could clap.

Here's the two:

If you haven't yet checked out Student Press Initiative, it's a very cool. Lots of projects helping youth become published authors; WAC-based publication projects are integrated in to the core school curriculum. Today I had the unique pleasure of listening in on a celebration that was ultimately the release party for 2 year intergenerational oral storytelling project. I'm quite excited to read and listen to my new copy of Back in the Day II: Speak to Us of Work: Bronx Oral Histories as I've heard only a taste. There's just something about being in print.

And, secondly, another storytelling feast is waiting online at Media that Matters Film Festival. Went to the opening night of the festival tonight at IFC, but you can catch everything and more on the small screen. 16 great films. Much goodness, well much to make you productively outraged--milliary recruitment in schools, fair use in media, reflections on race, human rights and social justice stuff, etc.


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