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I have a reputation of being a teacher who is constantly eating in class. Usually it's something "weird" (translation: healthy, unfamiliar, and unprocessed). I've found out from older siblings of current students that my eating habits are strange enough for kids to discuss outside of class. Teaching a unit on the U.S. industrial food system has amplified this to a great degree. My sharing of baby carrots, hummus and pita, fruit, etc. has a whole new meaning now that I've positioned myself as an environmentally aware eater. Today I was munching on broccoli out of a bag clearly marked organic. J. happily took one, dipped it in some baba ghanoush, and then nearly spit it out in surprise. It was the first time he'd eaten raw broccoli and the texture alarmed him. However, after the initial shock and a few more dips in some yummy baba, he was hooked.

P.S. The backdrop of this photo is a bulletin board where we all responded to the question, "If people are what they eat, I am..." I think J. put that he was a Burger King Whopper with a side of ketchup-smothered fries. Raw broccoli is a big departure.


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